Have a stroll down King Street this Canada Day

From last year: Canada Day 2010, Saint John, New Brunswick. (Urban Deli photo)

We’ve opened for Canada Day and will be open till 4:00 this afternoon. So when you’re in the Uptown, pay us a visit and say, “Happy Canada Day!”

Come take a stroll down King Street and support all the vendors along both sides of street!

Inside at Urban Deli, we have our regular menu plus a breakfast sandwich feature. And outside? …

We’re also set up outside today on King Street and we have grilled English Muffin breakfast sandwich plus health bars, ice tea & lemonade…all made in-house.

As for lunch … We’re featuring deliciously fresh Lobster Rolls — selling them inside the Deli and outside on King. And outside only: pulled pork English Muffin!

It promises to be a great day in the Uptown and everyone on King Street would love to see you and celebrate the country we love. Have a safe and fun Canada Day!


We had a fabulous weekend …

… And it all started with a incredible Canada Day in Uptown Saint John. Even the dogs were caught up in the feeling we call Canada.

The Deli had a little setup in front of the UD (the restaurant was closed) where we sold breakfast and pulled pork sandwiches outside the doors. We also had cold drinks like our scratch lemonade and ice-tea. It was a fun way to be working and being out meeting people enjoying the day. We have photos on our Facebook page here.

The photo above of Lianne and Liz and our extraordinary helpful helper was just one of loads of photos Beaver Smith took (many thanks!). If you want to really see what Saint John’s Uptown looked like on this Canada day, have a look at his photos.


Canada Day and what we’re up to

We’ll be doing something a little different for Canada Day. The Urban Deli will be closed, but kind of open too. Here’s what we’re doing:

The restaurant will be closed. However, we’ll have a stand directly outside our front doors selling food and cold drinks (alongside the other vendors).

We’re taking it to the streets, so to speak.

We’ll start off with breakfast sandwiches at 9:00am (served on an english muffin) and also have our own scratch lemonade, home-made ice tea and other cold drinks available. If you like samosas, we’ll have those too (not made by the Deli) — five different kinds of samosas that include beef, chicken, lamb, vegetarian and sweet potato.

Once the breakfast sandwiches are either sold out or 11:00am hits, we’ll be switching it up and selling our pulled pork & slaw on an english muffin.

We’re normally closed on Sundays and holidays so all of us (our staff) can enjoy the days, but this time we wanted to be there in Uptown Saint John. It’s Canada Day and we expect the Uptown to be hopping.

And who in their right mind would want to miss a Canada Day in the Port City?