OpportunitiesNB Rolling Out Something New

Logo for OpportunitiesNBWe have our St. Patrick’s Day lined up, thanks to OpportunitiesNB. They will be at the Diamond Jubilee Cruise Terminal on Water Street, 11:00am March 17, for the launch of an exciting new initiative.

It promises to be a great information session. We’ll be catering and are definitely excited to be there to see what they will be rolling out. OpportunitiesNB is an important part of New Brunswick as “…the first point of contact for local and foreign businesses looking to grow, expand or locate.”

We look forward to catering this one as we incorporate some locally sourced ingredients — always a plus — and hearing what about what OpportunitiesNB is launching!

And it will be a great way to get St. Pat’s Day underway! 😉



When You Need Help Planning Your Event

Champagne being pouredWith Chop Chop Week well underway, and all those great menus beckoning, it’s easy to forget the clock is ticking and dates for catered events are filling up – the ones for the holiday season and New Year’s.

If you’re thinking of a seasonal or end-of-year office gathering, a party for family, friends, or clients, or any other catered event between now and the New Year, contact us or give us a call at 652-3354 so we can schedule in your date.

We have openings, but they are filling up. To ensure you get the date you’re planning for, it’s best to call now to avoid any disappointment and rethinking of dates.

Keep in mind we can help you plan. Urban Deli and Italian by Night have been doing it since the day we opened and we’ve catered all types of events, big and small, from conferences to weddings to seasonal parties.

We want to take care of the details for you as you celebrate and thank your valued employees or colleagues, or usher in the holiday season or the New Year with family and friends. Whether it is a deli-styled buffet, an authentic Italian or a traditional turkey dinner – or something else you may have in mind – we have a menu and a price point to suit most needs.

Be sure you book soon as space in our restaurant is at a premium, and off site caterings are filling up. Call us at 652-3354. Or contact us with your catering request here.

And have a great week with Chop Chop!  (By the way, our Urban Deli Chop Chop Lunch menu is here, and our Italian by Night evening menu is here.)


Autumn arrives with Italian by Night’s Autunno Menu

It truly is a great time of year and the colours of the trees that line the highways and country roads easily translate to a similar abundance; the flavours you’ll find on our Italian by Night (IbN) Autunno Menu.

The team is back to work; Michelle & Kim are working hard in the kitchen preparing for our new menu. One of their favourites? They say if you want to start with a melt in your mouth flavour, start with our Insalata D’ Autunno: Warm caramelized pears on fresh greens topped with Gorgonzola and walnuts.

Sharing is a great way to go! Try our Aracini or Bruschetta board that changes slightly in its presentation and ingredients each season.

The lasagna (La Gran Lasagne) is one of a kind! You can order it in Italy or at Italian by Night. What makes it great is the preparation; layers of house made pasta and IbN meatballs, scratch balsamella, tomatoes and loaded with cheese.

For autumn we’ve introduced a four course (quattro corso) menu offering. We’re excited to offer our customers an opportunity to eat their way through our menu, similar to an authentic Italian dining experience. We know you’ll leave happy and full!

As always, gluten-free pasta is available and there are so many dishes available to you on all our menus. Vegetarian? We can easily make your dining experience a great one!

Great News!!! Saturday, October 13th we’re open Saturdays

Since introducing our Italian by Night in February 2012 you’ve asked for us to be open for dinner on Saturday evenings. Now we are and we hope to see you soon! Reservations are recommended but you can certainly take your chances and drop in. We always try to accommodate you and your guests – even on short notice.

Thinking Christmas? You’re not alone. If you would like to join us for a Christmas Italian menu give me (Elizabeth) a call at 652.3354. Let’s chat and see what we can do for you! We also offer caterings and private dinners.

buon appetito!


The season of holiday get-togethers

Time moves very quickly. We’re already less than a month away from Christmas! But we’re ready for it. We’re also ready to give you a hand with ideas. If you haven’t seen it yet, we have a Christmas menu.

But don’t feel restricted. Whether you’re a company or just someone looking to entertain friends with a tasty Christmas get together, we can help. The Deli holds up to 40 people comfortably and we also have catering if you prefer to have your get together at home or in the office.

Our Christmas menu is available but if it’s a less formal occasion and you prefer to simplify, we also have menus for those, like our Saint John Comfort Food or Maritime Kitchen Party menus.

Just give Urban Deli a call at 652.DELI (3354) and ask for Liz or Andrew and we can get started on your plans.

Have a great holiday season!


Time of the season: events and catering

A small example of what Urban Deli can bring to your catered event.

We’re not eager to spoil the party but the fact is August is winding down and September will be rolling in shortly and that means … well, that means just about everything moves into a higher gear.

Kids get back to school. People return from holidays. Business gets busier.

That last one, business getting back to the business of business, is why we’re bringing up the subject of catering.

You’re likely to find yourself either scheduled into or scheduling more meetings than in the last few months.

A lot of those meetings will be scheduled over lunch. Or maybe they aren’t meetings at all but day long seminars. Whatever the case, a key element of making your event a success will be food. Your attendees will need something to eat.

That’s where Urban Deli can lend a helping hand. A key part of our business is catering and we often cater business events like meetings. We have experience in this (we’ve been catering since the day we opened). We’ve even put together some catering tips to help you plan your meeting or seminar.

We can help you make the most of your budget and time by simply getting a few details from you and taking care of the arrangements so you can concentrate on the important stuff – like the meeting itself.

We don’t want to be summer party-pooper’s but autumn looms ahead and it isn’t just an increase in business meetings that are in the offing. There are the social and family events like Thanksgiving, Halloween and, yes, Christmas with its parties.

We cater those too and now is the time to start planning so you can avoid the anxiety of last minute arrangements.

It has been a terrific summer for us and we hope it has been the same for you. With a wistful sigh, we’re now turning our eyes to the days ahead so we’ll be ready for them. If you’re doing the same and you see events on your horizon, let us help you with our catering.

You can simply give us a call to discuss it at 652-3354, or send an email from our  contact page.

As we say on our catering page, what we offer is based on our menu but we also go “off menu,” depending on what you are looking for. If you’re not certain what you might like, tell us what kind of an event or occasion you have in mind and we can make suggestions.

We’d love to lend a hand!


Catering primer: tips and hints for your occasion

A small example of what Urban Deli can bring to your catered event.

Be it big or small, when you have your event catered you want it to go smoothly. That is part of the point, isn’t it? You want your guests to enjoy themselves, to enjoy good food, and free yourself to attend to all the other matters that need your attention to make sure it is all smooth sailing.

So we’ve put together a little catering primer. It provides both tips and suggestions on how to ensure your event is everything you want it to be. (You can download it here: Catering Tips and Hints.)

At the Urban Deli we offer a variety of catering options. They can range from standard “off the menu” caterings for various gatherings, such as boardrooms or open houses (to name two), or we can tailor to your individual needs for weddings, anniversaries, graduations, or intimate social gatherings with friends and family. We can help you with almost any event. Just give is a call at 652-3354 or send us an email.

At the Urban Deli we offer a variety of catering options and we can help you with almost any event.

We’re also easily adaptable and can help you design your memorable occasion.

Regardless of the type of function or the style, there are a few not-so-obvious points to consider when planning a catered event. They can help you achieve a successful catered occasion that meets, even exceeds, your expectations.

We have nine items to keep in mind:

  1. Manage Expectations
  2. Know Your Guests
  3. Know Your Guest Preferences
  4. Provide Menu Choices
  5. Incorporate Seasonal and Fresh Items
  6. Select a Menu that Fits the Event Schedule
  7. Anticipate Special Needs
  8. Allow for a Comfortable Room Setup
  9. Create Ethnic or Regional Menus

To learn more, download our Catering Tips and Hints (.pdf file).