Have a stroll down King Street this Canada Day

From last year: Canada Day 2010, Saint John, New Brunswick. (Urban Deli photo)

We’ve opened for Canada Day and will be open till 4:00 this afternoon. So when you’re in the Uptown, pay us a visit and say, “Happy Canada Day!”

Come take a stroll down King Street and support all the vendors along both sides of street!

Inside at Urban Deli, we have our regular menu plus a breakfast sandwich feature. And outside? …

We’re also set up outside today on King Street and we have grilled English Muffin breakfast sandwich plus health bars, ice tea & lemonade…all made in-house.

As for lunch … We’re featuring deliciously fresh Lobster Rolls — selling them inside the Deli and outside on King. And outside only: pulled pork English Muffin!

It promises to be a great day in the Uptown and everyone on King Street would love to see you and celebrate the country we love. Have a safe and fun Canada Day!


Some very belated congratulations

Good grief! Talk about late out of the gate … We’ve been so busy lately in the restaurant and with catering, we’ve fallen way behind on our site. That would be fine, such things happen when you’re a relatively small operation and there loads of things needing your attention, but we’ve neglected some people that should have been given a tip of the hat and a, “Well done!”

We’re referring to this year’s The Saltys, Saint John’s first ever social media awards. It was thrilling for us because we found ourselves nominated in one of the categories. It was completely unexpected and we we’re thrilled. We didn’t grab the top honour but, as they say at the Oscars, we got a real charge out of the nomination and felt privileged to me in the running.

We want to send a big congratulations out to this year’s winners:

Mel won in the category we found ourselves in and we think it was well-deserved. The big night was held at SJAH, just down the street from us. Fran made it to the big night but Bill was stuck up in Frederiction. (They’re the two helping out with our social media efforts.)

Once again, “Bravo!” to all the winners and nominees. This is meant to be an annual event, so we’re looking forward to next year’s awards and hope this thing just grows and grows (kind of like social media itself).


Lunch special today – heat!

It’s a chilly day so our lunch specials are all about heat! We have:

1. Steaming & Stacked High Montreal Style Smoked Meat Sandwich on Montreal Rye Bread

2. Roast Beef Melt Sandwich – comes with side choice

3. Montreal Style Smoked Meat Sheppards Pie and comes with a side choice

4. Vegetarian Pasta – Creamy Pesto….sauteed mushrooms, roasted red peppers,spinach, cream & parmesan cheese

5. Daily Quiche:  Bacon, tomato, spinach, mushrooms, onions & cheese – topped with our homemade cheese sauce

6. Soup:  Aromatic Beef Soup served with a homemade buttermilk biscuit

Keep warm and we you can make it in so we can provide you with some Urban Deli heat. 🙂


A meatloaf sandwich story

Urban Deli's very popular "comfort food," the much-ordered meatloaf sandwich.

Our menu consists of an array of deli sandwiches and that can make it hard for new customers to choose. After working a few shifts at Urban Deli, I noticed how many of our customers were ordering and raving about our meatloaf sandwich.

One busy summer afternoon, my parents drove from St. Andrews and visited the deli for the first time. I spoiled them with samples of our homemade ice-tea and lemonade (the lemonade is only during our summer season) and I encouraged them to order as much as possible.

My dad wanted to try our schnitzel and my mom right away asked for the meatloaf sandwich. To tell you the truth, I underestimated this deli delight. When her order arrived she made me taste a bite and with one forkful, I was hooked.

From then on I have been recommending this hearty sandwich to many of our customers. It is the comfort food to beat all comfort foods. It consists of a home-style meatloaf with an Urban Deli flare and is topped with melted aged-white cheddar cheese and sundried tomatoes. We serve it with sourdough bread that has been grilled and your choice of side.

The meatloaf sandwich guys: Carl, Ron, Craig and Doug.

Shortly after tasting the sandwich, I had a group of customers that came in for lunch during their break. They told me it was their first time and asked me for my recommendation. From that day on, they have been faithful regulars to Urban Deli … and the meatloaf sandwich as well.

Carl, Ron and Craig were in again last Friday and guess what? They ordered their usual (meatloaf with a side of deli frites) and brought a new face with them, Doug. I had to laugh because every time the guys come in they always order the same thing and they convinced Doug to do the same.

Welcome Doug! And thanks to all our Urban Deli regulars.


Say “yes” to dessert

Lemon sour cream pies ready for catering

Lemon sour cream pies ready for catering

Delight your taste buds with any one of Urban Deli’s fabulous desserts. On a daily basis one of our desserts is being prepared from scratch in our prep-kitchen. Once they are pulled hot out of the oven, they are either used for catering, special events or to order in the restaurant. These creations are not purchased from a store and instead are made in-house to guarantee the flavour and quality.

The recipe for the chocolate brownie has evolved over time in order to produce a chewy, ooey, gooey, chocolaty delight. The molten chocolate cake is excellent for dark chocolate lovers and has a hot inner lava filling. These are both served with chocolate sauce and real whipped cream.

Chocolate brownie

Chocolate brownie

Freshly cut apples are put into the apple crumble along with the other traditional ingredients such as rolled oats, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. Served hot! The option to add vanilla ice-cream is available to make the dining experience more enjoyable.

The two highlights are always the moist carrot cake (cream cheese icing inside and out) and the lemon sour cream pie (sweet yet tart). Cheesecake is also available and at times we produce a chef’s creation. These desserts change on a regular basis.

Molten chocolate cake

Molten chocolate cake

If you are going to have one of these desserts at Urban Deli, have them accompanied by a hot coffee (from our producer Red Whale) or tea. They are great for sharing and are available to take home. Just make sure you make time to try at least one.


Cool off in Uptown Saint John

To our friends in Fredericton, who we understand are experiencing some rather toasty weather, and to our friends a bit more inland in Saint John … Cool off in our Uptown! Pay us a visit – the weatherman tells us it won’t be quite so hot here. 😉

And if you make the trip, you could pay us a visit at the Deli. (This is where we insert a shameless plug.) And maybe try a glass of our scratch lemonade (made with real lemons):

Unless you would prefer our ice-tea (made with a blend of teas and cranberry juice):

Our the root beer on tap that we get from our friends at Pump House:

If you can’t make it down, be sure to get out, wherever you are, and enjoy our wonderful Maritime weather – be it hot and humid, or a little cooler – but still humid. Enjoy your day!

(By the way … we also have root beer floats!)