Christmas SPCA Day 2017 at Urban Deli

Today’s our annual SPCA Christmas, the day when we have a few friends and regular customers volunteer to be our servers as we give our staff some time off. They’ll be on the floor today till 3:00pm.

We usually do this Christmas Eve day but since that falls on Sunday this year, we’re doing it today. It’s our eighth (we think) Annual SPCA Christmas!

AND as our volunteers give serving a try, we’ll donate ALL the tips to one of our favourite charities — The Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue — fabulous people doing wonderful work. Our owner Liz and her husband John are big SPCA supporters, as is owner Gord, who has made significant donations to the cause.

Storm and Bear

Liz and John have made adoptions over the last few years: Whiskers (a cat), their beautiful dogs, Storm and Bear. They are hugely grateful for the work the SPCA does, their dedicated staff, the enthusiastic volunteers and everyone in Saint John that has adopted and given an animal a home. Kudos to everyone!

We hope we can send something their way today through the tips and donations. If you’re in the Uptown, drop in for a bite or just to say hello. Any donation you care to make will be gratefully accepted and keep in mind, any tip you give goes to the Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue.

We hope to see you! Follow us on Facebook. We’ll have some pics up and invite you to post your own in the comments. It should be a fun day!



Molly worries for the Saint John SPCA

A rescue dog herself, Molly Bloom is very worried about the Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue and wants to know if you can help them. Although she was rescued by the SPCA up in Fredericton, she has lots of friends – dogs and cats and people – in Saint John. And she’s anxious for them!

Molly asks everyone to help the Saint John SPCA

She’s thrilled to know there has been loads of support for the Saint John SPCA but her concern is that it is a big task and there is so much more that is needed.

So Molly wants you to know you can follow the Saint John SPCA on Twitter (@SPCAAR) and you can like them on Facebook to follow their updates.

And you can also donate pretty easily online on the donation page on their web site.

Everything helps and everything is needed. Don’t let the doors close! Help out and let’s get that anxious look off Molly’s face!

(Urban Deli and Italian by Night will be doing something — we’ll keep you posted on what we plan!)


Sisters with a passion for food

Host of Off the Beaten Palate, Michael-Ann Rowe

Host of Off the Beaten Palate, Michael-Ann Rowe

If you’ve been in Urban Deli you may have noticed our owner Liz is often a whirlwind of activity. However, she is almost zen-like when compared with her sister, Michael-Ann (aka Mikey, aka MA), who lives in New York City when she’s not traveling the globe or coming back to New Brunswick.

Each sister has her own distinct characteristics but they also have many in common. Not the least of these is a passion for food. Where Liz opened her own restaurant, Urban Deli, Michael-Ann created her own television show, Off the Beaten Palate.

You’ve probably seen Mikey in the Deli as she brings her energy back home to New Brunswick every chance she gets. In fact, the first show of Off the Beaten Palate showcases our great province.

Now Michael-Ann’s show is nominated in the 2012 Taste Awards (aka the Tasty Awards). If you’re unfamiliar with them, here is how they describe themselves.

Off the Beaten Palate

Off the Beaten Palate

The Annual TASTE AWARDS (aka the TASTY Awards) is the premier broadcast awards show to celebrate the best in food, fashion, and home lifestyle programs on TV, in Film, Online, and on Radio. The goal is to recognize and acknowledge outstanding excellence in video and film content focused on food, drink, fashion, design, and home lifestyle.

The awards are a pretty big deal in the world of food. Other people up for awards in various categories are the likes of Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver with shows like Kitchen Nightmares and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

MA’s show finds itself in the Best Food Travel Series: Web (there are five shows nominated in the category).

Mikey will go just about anywhere to explore culinary delicacies from their roots.

Mikey will go just about anywhere to explore culinary delicacies from their roots.

What is Off the Beaten Palate?

Host and narrator, Michael-Ann Rowe, is a food lover, restaurateur, and TV personality, who takes an unabashed and inquisitive approach, as she travels the globe disclosing culinary delicacies from their roots.

We’re all pretty excited about Mikey’s nomination given that the show has not yet launched. But keep with us at Urban Deli for news of a PBS airing date in March, 2012! Canadians everywhere will have a chance to see it.

She’ll be heading to Hollywood soon for the January 12 Tasty Awards show (and we’re pretty envious because it sounds like it will be a snazzy red carpet affair).

We’re wishing her all the best as her culinary adventure takes her to Tinsel Town to hobnob with celebrity foodies and others as they celebrate the best in food television.

If you’re curious about Off the Beaten Palate have a look at the the trailer. You can also read about the Tasty Awards and Michael-Ann in this Huffington Post article.

Off the Beaten Palate:

Michael-Ann Rowe, host of Off the Beaten Palate, takes a break while shooting an episode back home in New Brunswick.

Michael-Ann Rowe, host of Off the Beaten Palate, takes a break while shooting an episode back home in New Brunswick.


Holiday hours and a seasonal wish

Holiday hours and an Urban Deli Christmas wish

With less than a week to go before Christmas, we thought we should send out a seasonal wish and also let you know what our holiday hours will be. And so …

We’ll be taking a breather over Christmas and giving our staff a chance to spend some time with friends and family. This means we’ll be closing Christmas Eve (Saturday, the 24th) at 3:00pm and not opening again until Tuesday, December 27th, at 11:30am.

For New Year’s, we’ll be closing at 3:00pm on December 31st (New Year’s Eve) and reopening Wednesday, January 4th at 11:30am. (Yes, on the Wednesday. Tuesday, the 3rd, we’re closed as we do inventory.)

And don’t forget, if you’re starting to panic about gifts for friends and family, drop by the Deli and ask us for a gift card — you choose the amount. They fit quite nicely inside a card. And an Urban Deli gift card can be used at anytime (no expiration date).

It’s a yummy gift idea especially if you have a food lover on your list. (And who doesn’t?)

Hope you’re enjoying the season. Be cheerful, merry and have a great time! 🙂


Notes and updates: Our weekends and the Food Network

Jingle BelleWe have a few notes and updates beginning with our weekends. During December, Urban Deli will be hosting a number of Christmas parties and because of this we will be closed on most weekend nights OR our seating will be limited. We urge you to call ahead and confirm availability because we don’t want to disappoint anyone that drops in. You can check ahead with us at 652-3354.

As for the Food Network, we’re very excited. We’ve heard from them and it turns out the Urban Deli segment of “You Gotta Eat Here!” is set to air March 23rd at 9:00 ET (10:00pm in Atlantic Canada). We can hardly wait!

The show itself makes its premiere Friday, January 6 at 9pm ET/PT on the Food Network Canada (that would be 10pm in Atlantic Canada). (Press release – PDF file) We think it will be a great one — with the March segment marked on our calendar!

We hope everyone’s enjoying the season. It’s busy but it’s fun!


The season of holiday get-togethers

Time moves very quickly. We’re already less than a month away from Christmas! But we’re ready for it. We’re also ready to give you a hand with ideas. If you haven’t seen it yet, we have a Christmas menu.

But don’t feel restricted. Whether you’re a company or just someone looking to entertain friends with a tasty Christmas get together, we can help. The Deli holds up to 40 people comfortably and we also have catering if you prefer to have your get together at home or in the office.

Our Christmas menu is available but if it’s a less formal occasion and you prefer to simplify, we also have menus for those, like our Saint John Comfort Food or Maritime Kitchen Party menus.

Just give Urban Deli a call at 652.DELI (3354) and ask for Liz or Andrew and we can get started on your plans.

Have a great holiday season!