Time of the season: events and catering

A small example of what Urban Deli can bring to your catered event.

We’re not eager to spoil the party but the fact is August is winding down and September will be rolling in shortly and that means … well, that means just about everything moves into a higher gear.

Kids get back to school. People return from holidays. Business gets busier.

That last one, business getting back to the business of business, is why we’re bringing up the subject of catering.

You’re likely to find yourself either scheduled into or scheduling more meetings than in the last few months.

A lot of those meetings will be scheduled over lunch. Or maybe they aren’t meetings at all but day long seminars. Whatever the case, a key element of making your event a success will be food. Your attendees will need something to eat.

That’s where Urban Deli can lend a helping hand. A key part of our business is catering and we often cater business events like meetings. We have experience in this (we’ve been catering since the day we opened). We’ve even put together some catering tips to help you plan your meeting or seminar.

We can help you make the most of your budget and time by simply getting a few details from you and taking care of the arrangements so you can concentrate on the important stuff – like the meeting itself.

We don’t want to be summer party-pooper’s but autumn looms ahead and it isn’t just an increase in business meetings that are in the offing. There are the social and family events like Thanksgiving, Halloween and, yes, Christmas with its parties.

We cater those too and now is the time to start planning so you can avoid the anxiety of last minute arrangements.

It has been a terrific summer for us and we hope it has been the same for you. With a wistful sigh, we’re now turning our eyes to the days ahead so we’ll be ready for them. If you’re doing the same and you see events on your horizon, let us help you with our catering.

You can simply give us a call to discuss it at 652-3354, or send an email from our  contact page.

As we say on our catering page, what we offer is based on our menu but we also go “off menu,” depending on what you are looking for. If you’re not certain what you might like, tell us what kind of an event or occasion you have in mind and we can make suggestions.

We’d love to lend a hand!


Have a stroll down King Street this Canada Day

From last year: Canada Day 2010, Saint John, New Brunswick. (Urban Deli photo)

We’ve opened for Canada Day and will be open till 4:00 this afternoon. So when you’re in the Uptown, pay us a visit and say, “Happy Canada Day!”

Come take a stroll down King Street and support all the vendors along both sides of street!

Inside at Urban Deli, we have our regular menu plus a breakfast sandwich feature. And outside? …

We’re also set up outside today on King Street and we have grilled English Muffin breakfast sandwich plus health bars, ice tea & lemonade…all made in-house.

As for lunch … We’re featuring deliciously fresh Lobster Rolls — selling them inside the Deli and outside on King. And outside only: pulled pork English Muffin!

It promises to be a great day in the Uptown and everyone on King Street would love to see you and celebrate the country we love. Have a safe and fun Canada Day!


Our hours for an Easter weekend

For some it’s a four day holiday; for others a three day holiday. It’s the Easter weekend coming up and we want to let you know what our hours will be for the rest of the week. In a nutshell:

  • Thursday: open until 8pm
  • Friday:  Closed
  • Saturday: 9a.m. to 4pm
  • Sunday:  Closed
  • Monday: 11am to 4pm (We’ll be serving up lunch early with a breakfast sandwich special.)

Keep in mind our Saturday breakfast and lunch when you’re out and about, particularly if you’ll be in the Uptown. We can get your Saturday off to a tasty start with our breakfast or, if you take a break in your day for lunch, we’re at the ready with our scrumptious choices.

We’d love to see you and say, “Happy Easter!”


Lunch and dinner – Happy Valentine’s Day!

We have our Valentine’s dinner set for this evening, but today for lunch we’re featuring:

  • Pasta Dish … a creamy pesto pasta with sauteed portabello mushrooms, roasted reds and spinach; finished with fresh Parmesan cheese
  • Burger … Bacon and cheddar burger – comes with a side choice

Of course, this evening’s dinner is for the romantically inclined, or even those who just like an excuse to be with each other.

It’s our Valentine’s dinner. Have a look at the menu (.pdf format). We think you’ll like it! You can reserve by simply giving us a call at 652-3354.

And hat’s off to our friends at happinez! Via Uptown Saint John on Facebook, we found out the Ottawa Citizen has picked them as one of the 18 best places to kiss in Canada. (We knew something was going on in those quiet corners.)

Have a great day everyone and we hope to see you this evening!


Lunchtime! Here’s what’s on deck

Urban Deli's meatloaf very popular "comfort food," the meatloaf sandwich.

We’re moving closer to the lunching hour so we thought we’d better let you in on what the features are today. They would be:

1) Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich with side choice – Delicious!

2) Quiche is our Deli version of a Greek Quiche topped with our own Cheese Sauce

3) Deli Meatloaf Sandwich with side choice – In our top five sellers in 2010

4) Creamy Pesto Pasta – Roasted Red Peppers, Portabello Mushrooms & Spinach in a creamy pesto sauce & topped with fresh Parmesan cheese

By the way, if you get so busy you can’t see a way to come in and sit down for lunch, just give us a call at 652-3354 and come by to pick up your order. It’s pretty easy.

Hope you’re day is going great!