Introducing Liane Daigle

Liane Daigle, part of Urban Deli's staff from the beginning.

Liane Daigle, part of Urban Deli’s staff from the beginning.

There’s something really special about being a part of something from the very beginning, isn’t there?  Witnessing a dream come true as it were.  Liane Daigle is a funny and outgoing waitress at Urban Deli, who had no idea years ago that she would become part of the Urban Deli family.

Liane met Liz Rowe, the owner, while the Urban Deli building was still in its renovation stages.  They met at a Toastmasters meeting and hit it off.

“We were both from ‘away’ as the saying goes around here and shared some travel stories; that for me was a big score to find someone who shares my sense for adventure. I found myself dropping in to see the progress of the restaurant renovations and drink their wine, all the while putting my two cents in about the overall project as I have a background in construction. I can honestly say becoming a waitress again was NOT on my radar.

“I was a mother of a three-year-old and suffering from a major condition called ‘mommy brain,’ plus the obvious obstacle that it had been over 20 years since I was in that racket.”

Liane was sure that Liz would be hiring someone more ‘perky’ and perhaps less opinionated. However, as the hiring process began Liane offered to help out until Liz found the right staff to meet her vision. Long story short, Liane was kept on the work schedule.

The first few weeks and months were pretty nutty.  Liane reminds us that back when she was a waitress in the 80’s there was no fancy restaurant software to keep track of orders; you just wrote it down on your pad of paper and gave it to the kitchen.  Nice and simple and that was the plan in the early days of the Deli, too.

Liane’s sense of humour shines through.

“Well, that system worked for about a week before it became painfully clear Liz needed to invest in some ‘sanity software’ as I dubbed it – STAT.  Those first few weeks (months?) were brutal. I’m quite certain if we were writing a letter to our best friends it would look like art. But when you fill a restaurant with hungry customers your hand writing goes to $&! and it was up to the kitchen to decipher our chicken scratch that resembled a doctor’s shorthand. The poor kitchen would be getting yelled at by us like an I-95 truck stop, customers were reeling at the thought of having to sit at a ‘communal table’ and the Deli slicer would be whizzing like a high school shop class band saw in the background. It was all music to Liz’s ears as she saw her dream taking flight I’m sure.”

Over the years Liane’s been timed at how long she’s talked to a customer, teased about how long she talks to a customer, thanked for taking time to tell a customer about all aspects of the  business, tipped for exceeding customer expectations, as well as winning a service excellence award.

“I can’t speak for the others but I get asked almost daily if I’m the owner. My standard answer is always ‘No, I work like the owner but I get paid more’ and then there’s chuckles and I add there are days I work more and get paid less but it’s still a great job and I wouldn’t change a thing. I love working here and there’s always total agreement from the customers.

“Faking happy in a place with so many regulars isn’t an option. It’s part of why we have the success that we do. Customers love our staff and the ones they didn’t found another place to fake happy at. If there’s one thing Liz makes clear is if you’re not happy go find it elsewhere. There’s been a real core group since the beginning that has really raised the bar in the service industry around Saint John. I hear from the others in this industry around Saint John that we are very unique, but it’s all I know and anything less would be out of sync with the rest of the program. I have to laugh though at some of the characters that have come and gone both on the floor and in the kitchen. A real melting pot of talent that’s for sure.”

Isn’t she too much fun?  Come on in and say hello to Liane and the rest of the gang.  And stay tuned for more stories like this one in the coming weeks.

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Our Busy Summer and Changes to Our Saturdays

Breakfast sandwiches served on an English muffin and samosas

Breakfast sandwiches served on an English muffin (from Canada Day, 2010)

It has been almost five years that we have been serving up breakfast at the Urban Deli.

Effective June 21st, this will change as we line up our hours with the rest of the week. We’ll be opening the Deli at 11:30am on Saturdays. This means that the 9am mornings are behind us.

The great news is that we will still offer a BIG BLT and a Monte Cristo breakfast sandwich on our lunch menu for those of you with a breakfast craving.

The decision is made with mixed emotions because we will miss our regular breakfast goers who at first may have not known each other but over time built Saturday morning friendships.

Saturdays sitting with our regular customers always felt like we were solving the world’s problems. We talked about our week, latest travels, family, food and everything in between. When you got up to leave, you just felt good by talking and sharing stories. And for those great conversations and time spent, we sincerely thank you!

The opportunity that unfolds for us is to focus on a very busy summer of caterings. We are blessed and excited to have weddings and other caterings booked for nearly every weekend starting mid-July. We look forward to introducing both our Deli & Italian food to new customers, through those caterings.

I would like to thank our breakfast teams in the kitchen and in the front of house for doing a great, great job over the past five years! I also want to thank all those customers that enjoyed a Saturday breakfast at the Deli. It has been a wonderful five years of breakfasts!

Our updated hours:

  • Urban Deli: Monday – Saturday 11:30 – 3pm
  • Italian by Night: Wednesday – Saturday starting at 5pm
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Connection Re-connection

The Urban Deli as seen by photographer Beaver Smith. At Urban Deli / Italian by Night we’ve been blessed with being part of the lives of our clientele… birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, marriage proposals. We’re privileged to see life’s gamut of significant occasions celebrated here.

Recently, we bore witness to the truly intimate rebirth and expansion of a family. We observed the reunion of two families, one from B.C. and one from here in Saint John.

Some thirty some odd years ago a new Mom, out of love and unselfishness, gave her son up for adoption so that he might have a better life with a loving family.

Through love, strength and a desire to complete the circle, the two families were reunited and came together to share a meal and toast to the future – truly a celebration that we were honoured to be a part of and the kind of moment that makes our life here absolutely wonderful.


Emmy Winning Off the Beaten Palate

Michael-Ann’s Emmy award is for Off the Beaten Palate, a three part food and travel documentary that aired on PBS Detroit last year. It began right here at home in New Brunswick. It then moved on to Ontario and the third episode was out in Alberta. Here’s the series trailer, Off the Beaten Palate (OTBP) Canadian Trilogy Trailer:

You can find all three of the episodes on Michael-Ann’s Off the Beaten Palate web site under videos. Scroll down and you’ll quickly find them. Here’s MA’s brief description of the episodes:

In Episode 1, I travel back to my home province of New Brunswick, Canada, and explore a vast Seafood Culture. Some of the best seafood in the world awaits every visit!

Episode 2 takes us to the Province of Ontario, Canada, where I explored the Greater Golden Horseshoe!

Episode 3 was an all-out adventure of one of Canada’s most beautiful provinces; Alberta, Canada. An unforgettable adventure!

Put the three of them together, and you have an Emmy award winning show – Off the Beaten Palate. Congratulations Mickey!


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And the Winner Is …

Woo-hoo! Michael-ann picked up an Emmy! Congratulations Mickey!

Michael-Ann Rowe with her Emmy Award in Detroit, June 14, 2014.

Michael-Ann Rowe with her Emmy Award.

Our Emmy-award winning Michael-Ann Rowe received her award for her three-part food and travel documentary series that aired on PBS Detroit (back in June of last year).

The Emmy comes from NATAS, Michigan Chapter, and her category was Documentary – Topical. (NATAS is the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.)

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Mickey Gets an Emmy Nomination

If you haven’t heard already (and you probably have – it’s all we can talk about) Liz’s sister MA (aka Mickey, aka Michael-Ann) has been nominated for an Emmy! Woo-hoo! We’re still pinching ourselves!

Born and raised right here in New Brunswick, Michael-Ann’s nomination is for her three-part food & travel documentary series that aired on PBS Detroit in June of 2013. The Emmy nom comes from NATAS, National Academy of Television, Arts & Science, and is an incredible honour.

Keep in mind, Mickey started this project of love with her first documentary, which was all about us, New Brunswick, and our incredible food. She’s as NB as fiddleheads (which, by the way, are prepared best by you know who – Michaell-Ann.)

Just add this up as one more NBer kicking ass on the food scene. There is also Saint John’s own Jesse Vergen on Top Chef Canada (Food Network Canada).

Emmy Award nomination for Off the Beaten Palate - Michael-Ann Rowe. Goes to Off the Beaten Palate for info on the nomination.

Michael-Ann’s nomination is from NATAS, Michigan Chapter, and the category is Documentary – Topical (PDF file).

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