Our Annual SPCA Christmas Eve Day

Storm and John

Storm and John (John Mallory Fitness) remind us that a happy dog is an adopted dog and without the Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue animals like him would be without a friend.

It’s Christmas Eve day (24th), and we’re doing our annual thing (maybe our seventh year): Have a few friends and regular customers volunteer to be our servers as we give our staff some time off. They’re on the floor now till 3:00.

AND as they give serving a try, we’ll donate ALL the tips to one of our favourite charities — The Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue — fabulous people doing wonderful work. Our owner Liz and her husband John are big SPCA supporters, as is owner Gord, who has made significant donations to the cause.

Liz and John have made adoptions over the last few years: Whiskers (a cat), their beautiful dogs, Storm and Bear. They are hugely grateful for the work the SPCA does, their dedicated staff, the enthusiastic volunteers and everyone in Saint John that has adopted and given an animal a home. Kudos to everyone!

We hope we can send something their way today through the tips and donations. If you’re in the Uptown, drop in for a bite or just to say hello. Any donation you care to make will be gratefully accepted and keep in mind, any tip you give goes to the Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue.

We hope to see you!






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